The Cramps The Hot Pearl Snatch Lyrics

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Baby you're a pearl but you're such a tease. That thing a danglin' there's brought me to my knees. You parade it 'round town so everybody knows. Oh Oh I'm-a-gonna steal the show. Gonna get that thing baby that's a fact. Baby I'm just talkin' 'bout that hot pearl snatch. SSo temptin' baby such a pretty box. All fancy wrappin's and a bow on top. I try not to think about it but it's hard. Ya always got it out layin' 'round the yard. Too hot to handle and a crime at that. Baby I'm-a-talkin' 'bout that hot pearl snatch. Gonna get my hatchet hack it off and snatch it. Jerk it right off o'you. I gotta you can't catch it. Do a swan dive on that jewel. Put it in my satchel then I'll lay a patch. Aw baby I'm just talkin' 'bout that hot pearl snatch.

Written by: Ivy Rorschach, Lux Interior
Lyrics © Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC

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