Trillville The Hood Lyrics

The King of Crunk & BME Recordings Present Welcome to Trillville USA Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Trillville Radio
  • 2 Neva Eva
  • 3 Get Some Crunk in Your System
  • 4 Goodbye
  • 5 Weakest Link
  • 6 Bathroom
  • 7 Bitch Niggaz
  • 8 Dookie Love
  • 9 Some Cut
  • 10 The Hood
  • 11 Crank It
  • 12 What the Fuck
  • 13 Head Bussa
  • 14 Bootleg
  • 15 No Problem
  • 16 Dookie Love Public Service Announcement
  • 17 F.I.L.A.
  • 18 Crunk Radio
  • 19 Diamonds in My Pinky Ring
  • 20 Be Real
  • 21 Gone
  • Ladies and Gentleman, (what?)
    I'd like to welcome you .(welcome what?)
    To the life and times of Trillville (Trillville?)
    I be your God on this here Jonny (uh huh)
    It's your boy Lil' Jon checkin' it (yea yeah)
    And first-off (whaddup?)
    I let my ***** Dirrty Mouth holla atchu.

    We can take it to the street ***** if you got beef
    'Cause ain't home with it I'ma knock out your teeth
    Wear your fake-*** *****s keepin' talkin' ****
    I'm in your damn house with your girl on my ****
    I'm the realest mutha****a when it comes to makin' hits
    So shut tha **** up before I bust you in the lip
    The street life's on for the best to go home
    Is damn you late for a as I shine on the chrome
    Aimin' at your doam buck-shot rain (rain)
    I'm deep offa damn, when a ***** 'bout to explain
    ***** **** tha fame all I want is the doe (doe)
    My ain't Dough Bussa so don't be try me like a hoe
    I'm not your everyday dough that I'm at your seat everyday
    I rob just a deal just to get my *** paid
    I shine like a brave on a old school
    A ***** act a fool if a ***** break the rule, fo'real.

    Dirrty Mouth spittin' at you *****es and *****s
    (uh huh) 'specially tellin'you fake-*** ***** out there
    (**** y'all) you know real recognize real
    (Yeah) and fake *****s always wanna hate and ****
    (Yeah) you hattin' *****s we gon' find y'all
    We gon' sip you out (Yeah) (hah)
    Holla at them Don P.

    I know for a fact you ain't ready for the street
    You suckas rain ***** on this country
    You fall to the ground disrespect to my feet
    You sound raw ***** go home you can't compete
    They tryna be me, they watch TV
    They try to imitate and that's what make 'em fake
    'Cause the hood ain't actin' *****s start relaxin'
    Thinkin' they can live in this world without packin'
    Somethin' Janet Jackson, ***** still lovin'
    And how we broke it down like a motha****in' cratchin'
    Too transation and won't nodbody assin'
    Until you raise your mouth like a motha****in' fagot
    It ain't no burriations *****s still hatin'
    But I guess I hate too
    'Cause ain't the music that they creatin'
    Hoes that they savin', Plans that they makin'
    Whoever else like so I hate they fan bases (Yeah)

    Y'all ain't neva see a ***** like me
    I've been all around the motha****in' world
    (All over the place *****)
    All over this *****
    You know hatin' *****s everywhere you mu'****as go
    Disrespect *****s everywhere you mu'****as go
    But you know why? All them hatin' *****s
    They makes real *****s that best most strong (Yeah, yeah)
    Tell 'em L.A.

    Look you ain't ready for the streets (streets)
    And you claim to be hard, but you weak (weak)
    A bad ***** and you swear that beat (beat)
    The only thang you probably touch was a feet (feet)
    You *****in' me now, picture me I'm sorry
    Get your *** sumen boi it ain't workin'
    You don't want a Trill ***** you ?
    You need to take your *** home and neva ?
    Give me the ***** hard like a **** (****)
    Ready to **** (****) we ain't takin' **** (****)
    We gon' bust your nuts (pow pow pow pow)
    But still some *****s do it for a mill (mill)
    If times get hard then you gain up your grill (grill)
    Fo' real, the hood, man where a ***** live
    And I ain't trippin', 'cause that where I had the deal
    ****, and made a young ***** even stronger
    I guess that's the reason why a ***** stay baller (Hey)

    (Hey, hey) Yo, ain't no *****
    Is gonna stop my motha****in' paper (Neva that)
    Non a *****, you knawmean? (Yeah)
    I'm out here on my hustle everyday (Yeah)
    ***** I ain't sellin' dope
    But I'm sellin' this beats and ****
    Rhymes and all this bullshit (Yeah)
    I'm sellin' this Crunk Energy Drink (Yeah)
    Yo, I'm sellin'all kinda ****
    ***** I'm CD's, DVD's, *****
    What eva you need (uh)
    My *****s Trillville, they always gonna keep it motha****in' real
    BME, BME, BME Click (Yeah, yeah)
    We about this *****!
    Real stay real and fake always stay fake
    Neva motha****in' hate.

    Written by: Jamal Glaze, Lawrence Edwards, Donnell Prince, Jonathan Smith, Craig Love
    Lyrics © Roba Music, Warner/Chappell Music, Inc., RESERVOIR MEDIA MANAGEMENT INC

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