Cyclefly The Hive Lyrics

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Verse 1
A line so fine you wonder which way you should fall.
In time you'll find the comforts here behind the wall.
I live to give the point of view you need to show.
Come here my dears', I'll teach you all you need too.

The Hive

Verse 2
My mind designed to contemplate your every call.
My brain the same don't worry babe I've seen it all.
I've got a ticket to peoples land, where the Gods decide.
Come and take my hand.
I got a picture that bares your names,
Crush the hive, I've shown you who too.

The Hive.
You've said enough, I've said too much.
You've said enough, I've said too much.
Time won't heal the damage done,
atrocities lay half as hung.
The door is open, walk on in apologies for lesser things.
You've said enough, I've said too much Lyrics © OBO APRA/AMCOS

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