Guided by Voices The Hard Way Lyrics

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There's a whale outta water
There's a bone on a string
Doing everything the hard way x2

There's ? for the wicked
??? (weak-kneed and ...?)
Go to pale the hard way x2

Sort it out in the animal sea
The factor of the human pride
The place where I was born
The place where my father died

Past the police there's an army
Marching like stone guards from Hell
Into the wishing well the hard way
Wishing well the hard way

Doing everything the hard way x7
We're doing everything the hard way.

Same Place the Fly Got Smashed Track Listing
12" Vinyl 1
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  • 2 Order for the New Slave Trade
  • 3 The Hard Way
  • 4 Drinker's Peace
  • 5 Mammoth Cave
  • 6 When She Turns 50
  • 7 Club Molluska
  • 8 Pendulum
  • 9 Ambergris
  • 10 Local Mix-Up
  • 11 Murder Charge
  • 12 Starboy
  • 13 Blatant Doom Trip
  • 14 How Loft I Am?
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