Mack 10 feat. Ice Cube The Guppies Lyrics

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featuring Ice Cube

The guppies dup dup dup

(Repeat dup dup dup 3X)

Verse 1 (Cube)

It's a feeding frenzy

with guppies all around the edge

***** if you tryna get fed you in the red

eat you up beat you up

If that don't work heat you up

Now you wearin' white (punk)

smellin' like Fahrenheit

*****s fleas ticks and parasites

tryna get a crumb off the turntable

Stick your nose in my bowl it's fatal

you Kane I'm Abel

***** you know we checkin' quotas and dollars

***** you no the pecking order we follow

sayin' that we got to holla, if I can quote you

But the king of the jungle never meet with the vultures

never been a sucker never been fake (never)

Never tried to make all I can make (never)

Represent my *****s 'til the bow breaks

but haters hate we can eat steak by the lake.


The Guppies dup dup dup (Repeat 4X)

Verse 2 (Mack)

What a beautiful day, clear blue skies

my murder ones block sunrays from my eyes

Twistin' triple gold so I gotta pack heat

Lay the titanium and flame up the street

down the boulevard with my hand on trigger

fools hittin' me up like who is that *****

Ruuff ruuff you know who it is

Mack 10 punk top dog in showbiz

I cocks the revolver ready to start gattin' 'em

but what I look like set trippin' and I'm platinum

I hesitates put down the trey eight

keep pushing to the hood

make sure my folks is straight

Outta control a ***** ballin' like Shaq

gave my momma money and slid the homies sacks

And it's like that about the bank wad

the more cheese ya got the more killas on ya squad

for the guppies


Verse 3 (Cube)

Okay we hollered fake as hugs check my wallet

driving to the crib make sure no ***** followed

Called up the mighty one O (what you want to do)

turn these ***** *****s to snow (how many 1 or 2? It's on you)

Westside battle cry my alibi first class

hella high when you die

I'm changin' standard time with the yuppies

but **** them to and you

you askin' who (Mack starts at 'The Guppies')

Brought Mack Manson back to life

I kill *****s without a gun or a knife

I gave the order is he dead? (yep) enough said

and all my followers got W's on they forehead

Murderers and they kill on command

walk around like zombies with Techs in each hand

For Mack and the Don wet you up like neon

freeze you like freon you ****in' peon

The Guppies




Eat you up.
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