Unearth The Great Dividers Lyrics

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It's true there were better ones
That led their people
To lead their country
Who cared for this world
But who are we to change
Without the strength of all
The nations will crumble

Feed lies for war
Bring the nations to it's knees
Risking worldly structure and integrity
The balance of our kind controlled by hatred,
Distorted truth and lies
United is the only way to stand
Leaders of the free world lead into the land of the un-free
God sent politics hammered down with a fist too bold
Play the council of pawns in the quest of total control

Free us of this hate
Free us from this hate

Take over the world
Does hate mean freedom
Divide our home
Does hate mean freedom
Take over the world
Divide our home
Does hate mean freedom

Written by: John Maggard, Ken Susi, Mike Justian, Paul Mcgrath, Trevor Phipps

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