Jason Gray The Golden Boy & the Prodigal Lyrics

Everything Sad Is Coming Untrue Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 More Like Falling in Love
  • 2 Everything Sad Is Coming Untrue, Pt. 1
  • 3 For the First Time Again
  • 4 Fade with Our Voices
  • 5 Holding the Key
  • 6 How I Ended Up Here
  • 7 Help Me, Thank You
  • 8 Better Way to Live
  • 9 Hold Me Back
  • 10 The Golden Boy & the Prodigal
  • 11 Jesus, Use Me, I'm Yours
  • 12 I Am New
  • 13 Everything Sad Is Coming Untrue, Pt. 2
    CD 2
  • 1 More Like Falling in Love (Demo)
  • 2 Evertything Sad is Coming Untrue (Part 3) (Demo)
  • 3 When the Stars Fall from the Sky
  • 4 You Can Never Hold Back Spring
  • 5 Help Me, Thank You (Extended Acoustic Version)
  • 6 Hold Me Back (Piano Demo)
  • 7 Goodbye Shame
  • 8 I Am New (Extended Acoustic Version)
  • 9 Everything Sad is Coming Untrue (Part 4) (Demo)
  • There are two sides to every person
    Like the two sides of a dime
    Heads or tails it depends upon
    Who's watching at the time
    Though I hate to say it
    Mine is no exception
    One part is the prodigal
    The other part: deception

    Like the prince and the pauper
    Like Jacob and his brother
    Each hide a different heart
    Each a shadow of the other
    Me and my doppelganger
    Both share the same blood
    One I have hated
    The other have I loved

    One of them's the Golden Boy
    The man I'd like to be I show him off in the parades
    For all the world to see
    The other is much weaker
    He stumbles all the time
    The source of my embarrassment
    He's the one I try to hide

    The Golden boy is made of straw
    His finest suit will surely burn
    His vice is the virtue
    That he never had to earn
    The prodigal's been broken
    And emptied at the wishing well
    But he's stronger for the breaking
    With a story to tell

    I'm not easy with confessions
    It's hard to tell the truth
    But I have favored the golden boy
    While the other I've abused
    And he takes it like a man
    Though he's longing like a child
    To be loved and forgiven
    And share the burden for awhile

    So take a good look in the mirror
    Tell me who you see
    The one who Jesus died for
    Or the one you'd rather be
    Can you find it in your heart
    To show mercy to the one
    The Father loved so much
    That he gave his only son...

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