Hawk Nelson The Final Toast Lyrics

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You have left us here a life of memories
You forever changed the lives of all of us who have known you
Truth be told, this world feels cold without you
You gave all of us a bad name
So here's the final toast we raise to you, dear friend
Good times will never be the same
And our thoughts still remain
We'll hold you in your hearts
Forever and a day
And we'll never be the same
So the last toast that we raise goes to you
So if you ever lost someone that's close to you
Waiting for the answers like the spring to bloom
I hope their tears are wiped away
When they're at the pearly gates praying for you
You have made this world a better place

Every time when I close my eyes
I catch a glimpse of the west coast sunrise
And I can tell you your just as beautiful
Overwhelmed by the fear and stage fright
Your the only one in my spotlight
Even when you don't feel so beautiful
And we've got one chance
We've got one chance
We've got one chance to shine


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