Ashen Reign The Feast Lyrics

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The wolves gather round
Like a pack of bloodhounds
Tracking you down
Like the speed of sound

You can run and you can hide
The woods are dark and you are wide eyed
The smell of blood, the taste of flesh
Fear grows strong as you are vexed

The chase is on
The pack so strong
Gonna have their way
Today is your day
Who's afraid of the big bad wolf
Out in the woods all alone
Just beyond the trees out in the dark
A howling call hits the mark
The pack will feed and you're the course
They'll rip your flesh with no remorse
Knowing the nature of the beast
The big bad wolf will have his feast

The pack grows wider
As the night gets cold
Surrounded by fear
You're time grows near

The first bite comes and you feel the pain
Ripping flesh, the spewing veins
You go in shock you're terrified
The feeling of being eaten alive

The feast is on
You're dying breath
Gonna have their way
Today is your day

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