Micall Parknsun feat. Jyager & Jehst The Father, The Son & The Holy Ghost Lyrics

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The Holy Trinity
The Holy Trinity
The Holy Trinity
The Holy Trinity

I’m the father, the first before the son
From the birth of the earth I have come
I’m before 3 or 2 ‘cause I am 1
We will all meet soon when your time is done
Yes, I am right and I am wrong
Yes, I am here and yet I am gone
Before the alpha and the omega
A plot that seize but will grow later
Entities ‘cause it’s in my nature
The universe is just an acre
I emerge as the creator
Let there be light, a heavenly sight
Whether it’s fate and will decide the maker of life,
The takes of Christ, the holy divine
The moment of mine, spoke in a rhyme
A mold in the sky created a man and gave him a wife
And showed him the trick to making a life

Overlookin my own views
I arrive in the physic to bring you the news
Been here a few times, tryna provide you the rules
I’m the chess player that knows you better than you
Think, who could I be? A mystery with no clues
Might last a journey through time, providing you with the truth
I know the lives was nay and all the fake were choose
To conspire with hate, I am surprised how they moved
I’m tryin to turn a new page for your sight is confused
A blank canvass to paint, new ideas and views
The outlandish were afraid and then sayin we’ll lose
Read my teachers the game, more knowledge to use
If your dyin is vain, the sense of now is new
Why the mirror displays, or the time consumes?
I pay the price for you today and I pray that you do
Stuntin rap before I see you again, déjà vu

Now return to the essence
Fill a chill running down your spine holding by my divine presence
I cannot be defined in the past, present or future tense
In tune with your 6th sense
I exist beyond space time
I’m the star lit sky, the rain cloud down the sunshine combined
The drummer that plays the beat of your heart
The reason you wanna reach for the stars
‘Cause the spirit is within you, embody me
You can find God in me, I whisper in your ear subconsciously
Hording the souls of man,
Pilgrimage to the holy land
I’ll watch your back, even hold your hand to guide you
Through the many trials of life
I’m the light when you feel entirely blind
Many feel inspired to find me in temples in temples and churches
But I’m prison through our parallel universes
Beyond this galaxy where the earth is
Wanna see me? look deep beneath the surface
Impervious to physical pain
I exist on a spiritual plain
The soul risen from the grave

The Holy Trinity
The Holy Trinity

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