Juvenile The Explanation Lyrics

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Rolling through the hood I saw my homie Ted
He opened up the trunk, he had a loaf of bread
I tried to front me some, I told him no indeed
His bitch stayed in my lane, Im out there rolling weed
He told me shit was good and nigga take a 6
I told him in that case fuck it, Ill take a brick
I shouldve broke it down, instead I sold it whole
This traffic back and forth then how pposed to roll?
You know the biggest dealers be the biggest rats
And a bundle of this shit will get you 20 flat
Thats why them niggas always say they in the trap
Cuz once you give your life away they aint gon give it back

Life inside the hood will never be the same
Where money came around look how my people changed
House full of churn, barely ever eat
Mama working but she spend that check up every week
Daddy never die, he outchea chasin freaks
Them children always by their self, they probly never sleep
I wanna vote but I dont know who better for us
When all my people selling dope and stolen credit cards
Obama cut the check, this shit aint never hard
Cuz if we aint who deserve it, then who better for it?
Everybody out here sending death threats
Get your money and get out would be your best bet

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