Twiztid feat. Dominic & Caskey The Deep End Lyrics

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[Verse 1: Madrox]
It sits and corrodes in the bottomless pit of my soul
Becoming half of the better damaged portion of what's whole
Some call it sick, deranged, insane and sometimes
I prefer it rather that to be just labeled this plain
Or played like some disfigured chess piece
In life's corrupted game
Feel the sorrow
Life reaps and sows, accepting it
But still wanting to grow
Or just let go but the grips from the fingertips
Of insanity's overbearing hold
Feels airtight
As if I need the jaws of life to come and cut me
Out the darkness in an effort to shed light on the subject
To the public, the world can live without me
Still feel blessed inside to speak my mind
And hoping they never doubt me
And through death hoping they remember
And never ever will they ever forget about me
And if I'm resurrected
Second coming of second life
Second chance to know about me to have sight
Beyond sight, close your eyes and still see

[Hook: Dominic]
If I were just the same
As the rest of you little robots
Then I prefer to be shot
Induce me with the pain
Shoot venom in my veins
Cause you don't know my story
No, you don't know my story
There's really nothing for me
So leave me in this worry
(In the end is glory)

[Verse 2: Monoxide]
Feel like an 8 by 10 in a 5 by 7
I'm in the wrong frame of mind
And I wish my indiscretions had a warning sign
But I get by
And that's a lie
But I gotta refuse to let em' know
That on the line in which I ride
I choose to break away
Wanna bring it back
That which you take from me
Even if it means I gotta go to war with everyone
Who wanted to end my little bit of everything
Guess I'm too mad or too sad to sing
I was born in a city
But now I'm living in a confused state
That's full of decay like a toothache
They tried to pull me out but it was too late
Now I'm a product of a brand new hate
I'd rather die than be what you say
Living a lie to let the truth hang
Individualize me like a new gang
While the rest of y'all just sit there and get played

[Hook: Dominic]

[Verse 3: Caskey]
I'm drowning in a pool of my surroundings
I put this knife to my Adam's apple
Let's start the backwards countdown from ten
I'm a tatted rascal
Fleeting from the lines
An acid jackal
Shackles all on my palms
Because psychedelic trips gone bad
Recollections of my pissed off dad
Sitting in the pathfinder
And I still ain't found shit but
Old silhouetted pictures of me with my wrist cut
And I wish you well
Hell, I was bullied by the minotaur
School with a crew
With a toolie
Inside a rental car
You don't learn from god inside a seminar
But you hear about the devil every which way you turn
Perhaps we were made to burn in hellfire
And I desire to be stronger
But the songs I sing
Go ever somber in this life of mine
Memoirs of the suicidal
I guess my father is my truest idol

[Hook: Dominic]

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