Ransom The Decent Lyrics

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Welcome everybody
I really hope yall had a good time
It’s the of the Cd though, man
I think you know bout now that
I am The Alternative

Instead of celebratin, niggas was jealous hatin
I’m out here duckin pigs and getting that better bacon
But instead of waitin most niggas start segregating (why?)
Prayin that you lose, you win and you devastate them (damn)
That’s why I play Eli, man and instead of payin
That’s why I pray I keep on planning and elevating
Demanded and dedicated, outstanding and educated
I suffer severe sickness and nothing can medicate it
Predicated liars, better wait the tryouts
My niggas is forced to ride like designated drivers
Can never trace the fire, judge set a date to trial
Whole lot so was disappointment when I read the face of Naia (damn)
Had to accept that, then I took a step back (wait up)
Couldn’t get my breath back, hope he didn’t catch that (chill)
Fuck it, I was tore up, see my daughter just ball up
My eyes watered up and I thought of tearing that court up
Could fair them this when them stupid charges was brought up
Now my hands is cuffed and I know now that I’m caught up (fuckin caught up man)
This is not the way I was brought up (nah)
But mama wasn’t there when the boy was cutting that raw up
Clappin at niggas when niggas simply applaud us
Can talk what you want but yall niggas ran when yall saw us (know that)
But that’s all ancient history (history)
Why I stood around is still a mystery (I don’t know)
I listen to young rappers, still yall niggas ain’t shit to me
I’mma die a legend, who cares if you wasn’t missing me? (who cares? Who cares?)
Okay, hands in epiphany
I’mma die a legend, who cares if you wasn’t missing me?

Yea, mhm
hope yall had a good time
The Alternative… to all the bullshit
I’mma take my bow now
But I’m not gracefully bowing out
Thank yall for coming
Have a good life

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