The-Death-of-Ferdinand-de-Saussure-lyrics-The-Magnetic-Fields/4851B6386B1995F048256E8E000C8175The-Death-of-Ferdinand-de-Saussure-lyrics-The-Magnetic-Fields/4851B6386B1995F048256E8E000C8175The-Death-of-Ferdinand-de-Saussure-lyrics-The-Magnetic-Fields/4851B6386B1995F048256E8E000C8175The-Death-of-Ferdinand-de-Saussure-lyrics-The-Magnetic-Fields/4851B6386B1995F048256E8E000C8175The-Death-of-Ferdinand-de-Saussure-lyrics-The-Magnetic-Fields/4851B6386B1995F048256E8E000C8175The-Death-of-Ferdinand-de-Saussure-lyrics-The-Magnetic-Fields/4851B6386B1995F048256E8E000C8175The-Death-of-Ferdinand-de-Saussure-lyrics-The-Magnetic-Fields/4851B6386B1995F048256E8E000C8175 The Magnetic Fields Lyrics

The Magnetic Fields Lyrics

I met Ferdinand de Saussure
On a night like this
On love he said
"I'm not so sure
I even know what it is
No understanding
No closure
It is a nemesis
You can't use a bulldozer
To study orchids"

He said...
So we don't know anything
You don't know anything
I don't know anything
about love
But we are nothing
You are nothing
I am nothing
Without love

I'm just a great composer
And not a violent man
But I lost my composure
And I shot Ferdinand
Crying "it's well and kosher
to say you don't understand
but this is for Holland-Dozier-Holland"

His last words were
We don't know anything [etc]

His fading words were
We don't know anything [etc]

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