Jag Panzer The Crucifix Lyrics

Ample Destruction Track Listing
12" Vinyl 1
  • 1 Licenced to Kill
  • 2 Warfare
  • 3 Symphony of Terror
  • 4 Harder than Steel
  • 5 Generally Hostile
  • 6 The Watching
  • 7 Reign of the Tyrants
  • 8 Cardiac Arrest
  • 9 The Crucifix
  • [lyrics by Harry Conklin]

    When your love exists no more it's time to find another door
    Rekindling flames that have gone dim, let feelings spread on a whim
    Look toward the light and fix your eyes, let the white dove fly
    When your love exists no more it's time to find another door

    Hearts are dry it's time they burn
    The wheel of life has stopped its turn
    Pound the flesh unto the tree
    Bound and hung before me
    Cast your lots unto him now
    Search your hearts before the bow
    Life's too short, why throw away
    Save the best for the final day

    Bleed into the world of sin
    The blood will flow to the hearts within
    Agonizing pain and death
    Well, it's burning everything that's left
    Kneel before the one so true
    He's the king of all and even you
    Darkness ruling everyone
    Praising another as the one true son

    Burn his number into the flesh
    666 the final test
    See the mark sweep the land
    On the forehead, on the hand
    Hang the one that we all know
    Crucify the inner soul
    Sell your soul unto the maker
    The Crucifix

    Written by: Harry R. Wilson

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