King Tee The Coolest Lyrics

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[King Tee]
Yes yes y'all, it's not a secret no more
The King b-boy Tee has been washed ashore
And I'm back I'm here to say if I'm a King then I should rule
I'm the best for the job, you know why?
(Why?!) Cause I'm cool..

... See I'm
Smoother than silk, cooler than an icicle
Rough like a bully, I'm rollin like a bicycle
Fresh like a virgn calculates like a math wiz

You think you're bad? I'ma show you what bad is
Microphone magician, it's the end when I start
A confidential differential, I'm the state of the art
Crowned King be -boy, the elite rap reverand

Master of the Ceremony twenty-fourseven
MC's don't fear me, I come in peace, ha
Drapped in Fila, or either Elise
'Cause I'm the cool wop dancer, girlies romancer

Suckers stay away I'll mess you up like cancer
My style is original, not a subliminal
You say to yourself there's no one better, than him you know
Bustin' all bustas, killin' all killers

Tacklin' MC's like a Pittsburgh Steeler
I'm bolder than bold, I wear a lot of white gold
The supreme King Tee, I've got things in control
Skeezers want to clock me while I'm on my way to school

You don't, have to ask why, you know the reason..
... he's cool!

[DJ scratches]
I got a white gold crown, white gold ropes
Sleep on white sheets, ski on white slopes
Supreme to be exact you know I'm cooler than most
When God gave out coolness, I took a whole dose

I won't bother or nag you, to rhyme I'll be glad to
You thought I couldn't get you but I already had you
I know you heard my DJ, is he good or what?
Keith Cooley is a killer, your DJ's a mutt

I wouldn't try to take him on he'll cut you up like a biologist
Act a Fool Track Listing
Cassette 1
  • 1 Act a Fool
  • 2 Ko Rock Stuff
  • 3 The Coolest
  • 4 Flirt
  • 5 Baggin’ on Moms
  • 6 Bass (remix)
  • 7 Let’s Dance
  • 8 Guitar Playin’
  • 9 Payback’s a Mutha
  • 10 Just Clowning
  • 11 I Got a Cold

  • Written by: D.j. Pooh, Jazzie Redd, King Tee, Mark S Jordan, Roger Mcbride P
    Lyrics © Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC

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