Memphis Bleek The Code Lyrics

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Kg nigga, let’s get loud
It’s that music right here that make broke niggas clear the road, hahaha

Tell them romies who stink, all I need is a drink
Tell shawty come here, I need something to squeeze
Look at her, she bad, louie shoes and the bag
She asked me what was my name
I told her whole lot of cash
All I need is some ace, tell em bring me a case
If they ain’t got it then brown
I preffer deuce say
Balle sneaks on my feet, make the outfit complete
And what I hold on my hip, it makes you cowards retreat
Everything turnt up, with my team turnt up
And I lean, like I’m on promethezene, word up
Tell my rodie roll up, show these shawties roll love
And I been drinking from the bottle while I’m holding this cup

I’m on that 1,2, that’s the ace deuce
And I don’t dance I just got a 1,2
I get a bad bitch everytime I come through
And I touch paper like a bank teller do
And I got my weed rolled, got 2 bad hoes
Got a stereophone cup sipping the coke slow
Repping bk still, niggas know how it go
I got a stereophone cups sipping the coke slow
Let’s go

So many bad bitches in here man, I’m confused
Tell shawty shake it, like she having a seizure
Hit it once and forgot her, I done caught the amnesia
Ask these niggas who want it, I’m the realest that done it
These niggas out here keep it 80 me, I keep it 100
On that deuce I be trippin, niggas say I don’t listen
Mama say I’m follow women, grandma say I was pimping
Groupie hoes catch feelings, me I’m sort of a villain
Fuck the walls in that box, her shit ain’t got no ceiling
Like the coupe I whip, I need soup I sip
Whole team rock hoods, on that trevon shit
Hit the club and I ball, I end up spending it all
Bad bitches with the tan, niggas know what we on


I lay low for a minute, now I’m back in the spot
I don’t throw off liquor, but I throw off rock
I’m still propellor fly, my marting margellas on
My deuce, mixed with the goose, that’s what’s in my stereophone
My bitch bad like a bully, niggas mad like how could he
Make the moves like he do, he keep it hood with no hoodie
When I’m gone on that ace, you can tell on my face
That I’m fucked up, and I need a bitch to fuck in new ways
I mean, show me shit I never seen
Come and hop upon this dick like you hop in them jeans
I ain’t playing, fuck real love
Come fuck a real thug, and I do that code
That’s what you need


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