Tracy Lawrence The Coast Is Clear Lyrics

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You say the weather in Atlanta
Is Foggy and Gray
Your work gets harder everyday
And your new boyfriend is holding on too tight
I got a gig at the beach
A room with a view
The only thing missin' here is you
Some fresh ocean breeze might ease your mind

We could walk barefoot through the warm wet sand
Take a second look at what we had
I been thinkin' a lot since I been here
Past the neon lights and the L.A. Haze
I'm a different man these days
So come on out, The Coast is Clear

I got a picture in my wallet from back in 91
That week we spent in the Santa Belle Sun
Ridin' the wave of our love, those were good times
But somewhere I got lost and let you down
Young and naive I didn't know what I'd found
But I do now and there ain't a cloud in my mind

[Chorus] Lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group

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