Battlelore The Cloak and the Dagger Lyrics

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The Second Land, the Eastern ride
Into the cave where the serpents hide
Treasures of lies in disguise
Unseen is the truth, fragile dreams
Only lies and fragile dreams
Refer the thorne of forever-ice
Unleash the fire from your eyes
Reveal the wounds and praise your kind
Betraying words, blind belief
Welcome the loot, the king
The proof, this must be enough
Under the guard can´t grown his roots
You won´t see, it is too late
They saw his face, and how he bowed
The torn black cloak
Everything disgraced, but who was the master
And who was the hound, they did not know
Their faith was bound
From the heart, from the core
Breathing ashes, forever fall
You heard his pain, words of remorse
He was invited, it is your own fault
Reclaim the thorne of forever-ice
Leash the fire from your eyes
Conceal the wounds and despise your kind
Betraying words, true belief

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