Unearth The Charm Lyrics

Endless Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Endless
  • 2 Internal War
  • 3 The Charm
  • 4 My Desire (demo)
  • The weight of the charm
    Lights out for hands stretched out to lead
    The forsaken walk of allegiance
    In trust we deceive
    Walk on-never to turn back
    A look inside turned to stone
    My soul is free with blood on my hands
    My soul is free
    Lights out
    I stand aside
    Struggle in my mind
    I look inside to see the crowd infringed upon
    Lights out
    The death of the charm
    Lights out-the hands will recede
    The forgotten chance of disloyalty
    In trust we are deceived
    Send off-it's out of your hands
    Walk on-it's only your life

    Written by: John Maggard, Ken Susi, Mike Justian, Paul Mcgrath, Trevor Phipps

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