Tracy Lawrence The Cards Lyrics

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Here's one from last August that came out of the blue
Says summers been a scorcher baby and I'm still hot on you
There must be 25 or more, you signed them everyone
Now I'm sitting here in this lonely room wondering what went wrong
Oh the cards are on the table, Hallmark at it's best
Valentines and Anniversaries
forever yours and all the rest
I'm sortin' through the memories, still searchin for a clue
But now the cards are on the table and he's holding you
The sun comes through the curtains but I'm still in the dark
Thse cards that used to touch me are tearing me apart
I'm torn between tossing them away or back up on the shelf
Guess my poor heart don't want to play the hand that it's been dealt
I'm sortin through the memories, still searchin' for a clue
But now the cards are on the table
And he's holding you Lyrics © Warner/Chappell Music, Inc.

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