Wyclef Jean The Buzz Lyrics

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Y'all I like the .. to handle the crazy bitch
'cause I'm crazy bitch and I'm crazy sick
'cause I'm .. sometimes I'm feeling like this
So .. some jazy shit,
Copy with the .. ego, red p**sy tibo
With the game .. because my p**sy is evil
Plus my flow got a fever, if I f*ck Rick Ross might have another seizure
I'll be gamble, rose, watch while I'll handle miss Khalifa
I'm no diva but for Franklins I would .. into a ..
lady luck, would I be bitches alive
So fly, pop the shit in the sky
My entire nigga .. and .. in the sky
Fuck honey, but call me the queen of the hive
I spit it nasty light that bitch shit too easy
And I could bring the super freak got it jazzy,
And I could ..have babe to this easy
He gonna need a pump just to eat me
I'll leave Santana harder than the hammer,
Come on and whipe it up with his bandana
Lanes ain't .. Gucci Mane with ..
I stay with that Mary Jane, I begin to ..
And I would turn into a baby like a niddle for the gate
I got that Waka Flocka flame, they gonna have to let it burn
So all the niggas out the game, so hated so love it
I'm in the game

I'm getting my buzz on, we're getting our buzz on
F*ck f*ck fast, f*ck f*ck fast I got twenty on the buzz
I got a sixty on the buzz, I got a young on the buzz
F*ck f*ck fast.

Y'all, my shit is heavy and most of y'all and MC's life
And I say that we no disrespect to MC life
Is Trini if I was telling you, you couldn't see through TR
I aint hard enough to turn Chris Brown
I like a nigga with a reall big sean
No mercy to the faith couple of shots trade ..
Pour some liquor, bottles up, trace on me
I'm every rapper delight sugar hell
.. will inherit the earth and make mills
Jet life currency is my L, call in vein but I would spend it no 2 chains
We a young but I'll make it no fallin Chris .. and bring Rihanna's gun,
And I will take the chick until the house of .. and call me murderer
..just call me Venus or Serena when ..
Both hands on deck gotta love it
I should put the condom on the mike and then fuck it
Now I fuck it, I should go Lady Gaga .. plus all over the traffic
And then there's gonna be a rap when I will lead his game like Jim Jones
And pursue in the suicide path


Without the J uncold, matter of fact that king cold
I spit it so super you can say I'm slow
I'm trying to do with big like I am holding big soul,
Is going down Mark deep I'm ready
I'm bout to put this game on luck, three Grammy
How many lames get killed, many
Minnie monnie, many many many
Many man get killed for the money
Mama say, mama ma .. I mean fella
If for that .. tell the bitch that the tree .. work French Montana
My rhymes is nasty .. now the future is gonna broke up Wyclef


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