Fiend The Blooming Tremble Lyrics

Bawling skies
Choked reality…
Splashed my face with snowflakes,
Strikes a blowing
For corroding
Of glare, which scorched these breaks.

Endless roam
Retains emotions…
Muddied with loam,
In frozen hands it tries to beam.
Holding tight
Nubbin of light,
I am still keeping this dream.

Step by step I feel more ruts,
Day by day I’m going nuts…
Realization’s decomposed,
Can’t remind twinge of remorse…

To see the door -
Way out of gore,
But chose another…

To hear the call
Of stone-blind gall,
But even not to bat an eye.

Don’t having soul
To share fierce pour,
But didn’t cry…

Don’t lose all those
Pure memories,
But toleration died at first

The one, who pays
Became too deaf
For kissing Rays,
Which vainly dance on palm...
Just passionate fire
Of bright desire
To save my burden in the calm.
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