VersaEmerge The Blank Static Screen Lyrics

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Dare I ask you this?
Where do you stand as a come and go acquaintance?
I’ve been pondering around this bond for sometime now
Where have you been?
Where have you been hiding in, is it in the tall forest?
Won’t he listen to the voices calling his name... will he attempt?
I’ve been laying on the other side
Where they are all waving goodbye behind a fake frown
Feeding lies to the ears of a brother that has been lost
Trying to find a way back home
But stumbles on the roots he made – wandering, wandering
As he barks the words that have no meaning
I try to paint a picture in my mind of how things used to be
As you say your speech
The blank static screen is trying to make the channel clear
But gets interrupted by your careless heart
Walking backwards, straying away
Looking at me with a face afraid of
Being a false witness to this never-ending case
The thought of empty-handedness is having its way
So stop running away from me
Away we go tonight, but we’re far from our goodbyes
The end lies in your hands as we are keeping set minds
It’s an empty page with growing age
It’s bound to flourish again

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