Totally Michael The Birthday Song Lyrics

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once upon a time you were a tiny little baby. chillin' up inside your momma's really big tummy. tired of floating around and being bored all of the time, you slid down her cervix and popped out of her vagina. hello it's your birthday. wipe your face off. have some fun. it's time to party hardy. this dance party's just begun. growing up you learned a couple really sweet dance moves. went out to the store and bought some super tight dance shoes. practiced day and night until you'd literally fall down. friends at school were jealous. they would miserably all frown. guess what day it is. it's your birthday. eat ice cream and cake. haven't you heard the news? not hands, but rumps were made to shake. so get up on that dance floor. show everybody what you've got. if you're feeling edgy streak all through the town but don't get caught and if you want to do something extra special today bring me lots of cashews. i will eat them all away. hey, hey it's your birthday. this day comes, but once a year think of something that you love and loudly make it clear eat a cake and open presents. exchange lots of hugs. explore the world you live in, but just stay away from thugs.

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