Kenny Rogers The Best of Me Lyrics

The Heart of the Matter Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 I Don't Want to Have to Worry
  • 2 The Heart of the Matter
  • 3 You Made Me Feel Love
  • 4 Morning Desire
  • 5 Don't Look in My Eyes
  • 6 The Best of Me
  • 7 Tomb of the Unknown Love
  • 8 People in Love
  • 9 I Can't Believe Your Eyes
  • 10 Our Perfect Song
  • So many years' gone
    Still I remember
    How die I ever let my heart
    Believe in one who's never giving love to me
    So many years' gone
    Love that was so wrong
    I can't forget the way it used to be
    And how you change the taste of love for me
    You're my one more chance
    I never thought I'd find
    You're the one romance
    I've always known in my mind
    No one will ever touch me more
    I might have saved
    The best of me for you
    And will have no ending
    If we can hold on
    I think I've gone this far because of you
    Could be no other lovers will do
    No one will ever touch me more
    I only hope that in return
    No matter how much we have to learn
    I save the best of me for you

    Written by: David Foster, Jeremy Lubbock, Richard Marx

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