Edguy The Arcane Guild Lyrics

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Like in that day I never had to chose my way
Out of clue, no mean for a hand
Halleway I was dancing on the air
But what you do?
So rings the sippy behind me into the wil of devil

I kept you rocking out of crowd in the greater
You was hitting til you hit the crowd
Way for this fool I was send with no option
Someone tell me what will be after wayfarer
From East to the sky up to the world you're in the way

Ringing the edge can't talk to serow
Chasing the obstacle ooh,
The out come is said as far as I go
Come under there the sun down is free stuning
But I'm trying to win

...to the future
Just spreading on as a fad that never ends
Give me the streight to defin contradiction
When my mind's at fire til I breath
We're all eternal and nothing gravel

Ringing the edge can't talk to serrow
Chasing the after glow
The outcome is set, I start as they know
Easy be but maybe the answer all just be a stranger
Why can just they, drive and again it's screaming my name

Son you don't wanna see, you realize thet you senses are gone to the edge
But you don't trust but in your world
Don't wanna turn your wings and do not walk the sky
I waited for a catch a glance into the night
But heaven's reveal what's inside and after
Is this life that's base on deception
Don't wanna feel and percive what is hard
From this look we falling into the after glow
I don't wanna see all that you wrapping for
Don't you walk on when you don't see what will come
I know you could you don't need to watch the sky
Just got you, I just want your all procede
She's a ...drive me after glow
Falling to the after glow
I try to look as far behind and see
Past time beyond but dark print into wall
Ready in beyond can't talk with cerol
Chasing the after glow
The outcome is set far as I know
This is the end or maybe the answer
I just stay at your home
Why can't tonight come and again it's screaming my name

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