Kayo Dot The Antique Lyrics

Choirs of the Eye Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Marathon
  • 2 A Pitcher of Summer
  • 3 The Manifold Curiosity
  • 4 Wayfarer
  • 5 The Antique
  • Dust fills my Mouth with a Timeless Poltergeist Rapping
    Lightly upon a Dusty Door;
    It Locks the Days together
    This Artefact wasn't rightly so.
    Flanked by Shelves incorporating me into their Lonely Dream,
    I search for Tremors lying Weeping
    'Neath the Broken Tiled Floor
    Weeping with a Broken Madness,
    Weeping for the Day Before.
    Tarnished Silver in the Cupboard soothes
    The Fathoms of my Aching Silver Beard;
    Like Shining Eyes scoured by
    A Sour Creaking Gait,
    Cataracts dim the
    Eloquence that wore
    The Shining Cloak of younger Pride,
    And This was Long,
    Long before their Careless Keeper died.

    A Revenant spread its Foul Curse to Every Living Thing
    With Stories trapp'd on Yellowed Pages
    By Talismans of Poignant Lethargy.
    Tales Twilit bear their Ruin'd Words
    To this Ghoulish Scenery,
    Slouching over Candlelight
    Extinguished in another Century.

    The Grandfather Clock once Told its Beads,
    While Outside the Branches
    Bowed their Windows slightly Out of Key.
    And this Downstairs, where a
    Forlorn Clock has long since Lost its Faith,
    And a House's Stale Breath sighs like the
    Whispers of a Wraith.

    Spiders Decorate an Appearance
    That stretches Gnarled Hands
    Back into a Relinquished Parlour Game;
    Wisps of Ghostly Languor hinting faintly of Perique
    Ring the Ancyent Air and Fade,
    Murmuring of Things Antique. Lyrics © OBO APRA/AMCOS

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