Totally Michael The Animal Song Lyrics

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walking on two feet is boring. admit it. humans are lame. we don't even have wings. we have to build a plane. so what I'm trying to say is naturally we aren't cool. now animals, they got it going on. they absolutely rule. in my dreams I have a shell that protects me from mean things. monkeys swing with tails in tall trees. you all should be ashamed. 'cause though you can build your rope swing, it'll never be the same. we burn gasoline to get where we want to go. that cheetah burned off calories and passed us long ago. in my dreams I have a tail that I chase when I get bored. i'll never give up hope. i can be whatever I want. i want to have a pocket in my belly like a kangaroo. wanna wake the neighbors up with my own cockadoodle doo. wish I had some gills I'd say what's up to all my fishy friends. if I was a penguin I would slip n' slide until the end.

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