The Moody Blues The Actor Lyrics

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The curtain rises on the scene,
With someone chanting to be free.
The play unfolds before my eyes,
Descends the actor who is me.
The sleeping hours take us far,
From traffic, telephones, and fear.
Put out your problems with a cat,
Escape until a bell you hear.
Our reasons are the same,
But there's no one we can blame,
For there's no where we need go,
And the only truth we know, comes so easily.
The sound I have heard in your hello,
Oh darling, you're almost part of me.Oh darling, you're all I'll ever see.
It's such a rainy afternoon,
No point in going anywhere.
The sounds just drift across my room,
I wish this feeling I could share.
It's such a rainy afternoon,
She sits and gazes from her window.
Her mind tries to recall his face,
A feeling deep inside her grows.

Written by: Justin Hayward
Lyrics © Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC

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