Lil' B That O Lyrics

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Could I spit a couple facts
In fact, most of my facts are just facts
All eye, man all they do is flex
Under the 4 bitch that pricks
We are kids man, and you don't pay rent
Bitch you get nosey
Them niggas got hoesl ike O.J.
Come back like, ok
I'm doing bitch I'm ok
Your life is ruined, how you felt last night
Sick to your stomach, most hoes lie with Jerry Springer
Feel me? Flow go back to singing
Go win a Grammy
Too complex with the toes bitch,
You gonn marry me, oj, you feel me
Oh it's use... the pyros, everything change
Bitch toast!
You know it, I'm out just ...we rocking hard
Like I said it, pyt mixtape
You know we rocking out

Mad flow like this, I roll like this
4 door whip, low with the tints,
Yeah, don't pay rent, bitch don't pay rent
Ski mask on
I need that leg, don't like me
Get low, bitch
Stay to the floor
I need that dough, how that go
I'm on the road, based god
Late night thugging, all night
I need that hoe

You're here sweet darling
I won't let you get away
Cause you're the one baby
The only one for me
You're the one, the one, I need, I need
The only one I need.

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