Travis Porter feat. Mike Posner That Feeling Lyrics

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[Verse 1: Quez]
Uh, all I wanna do is take all my niggas to Vegas
Buy a pound of weed and smoke it, get them niggas faded
Yeah and buy some liquor man we gonna get wasted
Poppin' bottles on them hoes and tell them "Bitch we made it"
Yeah I wanna get a hundred grand of singles
Stack them shit so just like Pringles, thanking God I'm single
Yeah, ready to mingle though
I'm trying to slam dunk, yeah tryin' to finger row
You know that feeling feeling feeling like everything's changing
That feeling, feeling like you was instantly famous, feel that
Fuck that nigga, yeah I'ma kill that and y'all niggas don't know me
My team, we got that feeling, we need some fucking trophies

[Hook: Mike Posner

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