E-40 feat. Bun B & Slim Thug That Candy Paint Lyrics

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That candy paint, that candy paint, 84's
That candy paint, that candy paint, 84's, built in ? chrome grille, leather seats, ?, tv screens and wooded wheels [x4]

That candy paint, smoking that dank, beats so loud bystanders faint
Neighborhood watch call and complain,
Hate on my big fat ass bank
Po-po pull me over say you a rap singer
I know you smoke weed, let me smell your finger
Linger, that the green thumb jars got a valid registration and my cannibus card
I'm challenged, got candy paint on my harley, harley
?.and truck, jet ski's boats and old school cut' (cutlass)
Looking for a top shelf not know ?
That candy paint, gotta go can't believe their eyes
Drank and drank, flabbergasted mesmerize
Digital dash, havin' my cash
Secret stash for my strap
Gotta shake these suckers and watch my back
I'm slapping so hard my windshield cracked, windshield cracked? windshield cracked
I'm slapping so hard my windshield cracked
My old bitch joalous, put my tires on a ?


[Slim Thug:]
Gon' show them boyz how we rollin' mane,
I'm addicted to this flossin' that why all my rides so awesome
I keep that big 'lac bossin it don't matter what it's costing
Tossing deuces out the roof, of that coupe
While I ride by, players chunking deuces back
Bops holl'in out "hi"
Feel like I'm up in the sky, yo all know that bay green
40 got them going crazy when we pull up on the scene
Candy paint, looking clean, fo's looking king size
Heads turn while I drive it's like they can't believe their eyes
It's that that boy thugger and that bad motherfucker
Swanging banging riding dirty screwed & chopped on them suckers
Flipping flipping looking good, diamonds diamonds 'gainst the wood
From the Texas to the Cali, catch me tipping through the hood


[Bun B of UGK:]
It's Houston Texas that's the city where we ride the greatest
Gripping grain, drippin' stain, turning up, Robert davis
That old school grey tape, a trunk poppa plate scrapa
Hustler and a grinder every day I'm trying to make paper
I'm from pa represent for UGK and I'm riding for my city like it's rap a lot and j
I got homies on the west I got homies in trae
Matter of fact these gladiators are all over, all day
Sittin in that candy paint sideways,
Pull up outta my driveway
Drop that top and let them jock, then head on out on that highway
Turn up some wreck shop, or maybe swisher house
Now pass the kush & dump the swisha out it's going down

[Chorus till end]

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