Tech N9ne That'z Me Lyrics

Everybody wanta get down wit a little motha fucka like thiz,
never wanna fight bitch,
Did'nt know who the fuck u waz fightin wit.

Yo, yo, yo.

get on the floor,
gimme zome more,
and i'll give u a little bit of thiz grown bro.YO!

When we do it i'll make u numb gurl, you could juzt call me Vicodin.
You can take me in the day, you can take me in the night, juzt like yo daily vitamins.
Keep talkin like thiz iz what zhe zaid, and that zhit made me violent.
Zo I zlapped that bitch, right in her fuckin face, and that made baby gurl siolent. YO

Zee, zo what I do on my freetime, that zhit iz up to me.
How many timez do i have to tell a motha fucka like you, that what I do iz ztraight appropriate to be an MC.
And if u thinkin what u do makes u a P.I.M.P,
Well why don't u, take another motha-fucking look up in the mirror, cuz a bitch iz what i zee.
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