Daphne Loves Derby That's Our Hero Shot Lyrics

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Watch this coward dance
I keep my feet so close to the ground
With every step, without a sound
Mother, look away
Cause I don’t know who I’ve become
Since that November day
When I said I wouldn’t change
Maybe I can’t be surprised…

Take my hands
I can twist out lines for every situation
All I have
Is a heart that’s trained to calculate my losses in the end

Slow steps…
Don’t forget to think of posture
Now deep breaths, with deeper words
Listen now…
This is where it matters most
Every phrase will count
Just make sure you can run away; just in case…
Day after day you’ll get used to
The guilt from the necks you bite into

This town was built to remind me of all my mistakes
But I have plans to burn every building
So no one will be here to hold my hands

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