Soulja Boy Texas Lyrics

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I'm on, I'm on, I'm on
it feels good, I love my life - I wake up, I get my cake up, I bake up!
nu-in but that purple flava! yeah I love dis shit, I live dis shit, I reminisce, I'm real as shit, real as fuck, fucked yo bitch! yeaaaaah she sucked that dick, I swagged up, I juiced that shit, I'm times ten - eleven clips, twelve diamond chains & whips, I'm on it! I'm on that ATL shit, I'm on that MIA shit, I'm on that chi-town shit, that Houston, Texas shit, that screwed up shit, that purple shit, light that fucking spliff, get me higher bitch, suck a dick, yellow diamond ring, I'm a king, all my jewelry bling, swinging on them things, I'm a motha fucking da prince's, I look like Donald Trump, when he made his first one million, I feel like I'm high, and I'm standing on top of the ceilings, I do me, I do nothing but me, and gets money, and I'm good at it, I know my mathematics, I say fuck subtracting, I gots to get it in like a fuck nigga, get it in like a buck quicker, get it in like a truck nigga, dump dump with the k clip, nigga I stay around with bout eight pounds - I'm da underground, in my town, I'm the one now. Player, mayor, soulja, slayer, ak like Kobe, I pop it you know it I'm sharp like shinobi, swag OD, nigga that mean I'm swag overdosed, swag out the ass, then I went and shitted on the globe, now everywhere I go I'm hearing, swag swag swag swag hoe, aahhh!

Your bitch ride like a rodeo, shouts out to Antonio, we get your bitch and we run a train, all I know is I'm rich as fuck, I know the game, swag in my fucking veins, swag on my shoe strings, swag out the roof mayne, still on that same shit, but I'm getting new money and it feels great, it feels amazing to wake up, to a fourteen million dollar estate, buy a lake, or buy the beach, or buy the ocean, ion know I'm hood, 8k and I'm not Hollywood, but I got a crib in Hollywood, I'm from Simpson road, west side's on one coast, bitch talk shit, I boss, I don't brag bitch, I state facts. I scrape off in black jags, my pants sag to show the louie, money spent a hundred k, in the louie shop, I'm like ouie ouuiee. Now my hair blonde and all the blonde girls wanna suck my dick, it feels so good to be so motha fucking rich! I hopped out the back of the maybach like nigga I'm the shit! Fuck all of you hoes, I don't give a shit! This that new mixtape!

This what I dreamed of, this exactly what I dreamed of, I pulled up on the scene cuz, you should've seen that shit bruh, that shit looked so wonderful, my chain look so tropical, yo bitch on top of who, on top of me, its a shopping spree, you history, I'm sixty deep, in VIP, popping bottles b, you know its me, cause its soulja b from SOD, I'm a boss b, I'm a outlaw, I go hard, top off throwing bank cards, from making it rain with dollar bills, bitch I'ma throw ten black cards, I'ma throw ten black cards, cause I'm a profit, a tycoon, a CEO, entrepreneur, damn I'm rich, got damn I'm full with knowledge, lets give it to these fucking kids, swag on my fucking wrist, real talk bruh I'm the shit, real talk I'm the true no false, I'm the truer boss, with the sock shop off, waffle house, sip n syrup, zan with lean on the damn curb, calm my nerves, smoke the purp, on the ocean, shouts out to ocean gang, got damn I'm so hot don't put me next to no propane!

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