Nocturnal Rites Test of Time Lyrics

Tales of Mystery and Imagination Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Dark Secret
  • 2 Lost in Time
  • 3 Test of Time
  • 4 Change the World
  • 5 End of the World
  • 6 The Vision
  • 7 Warriors Return
  • 8 Pentagram
  • 9 Eye of the Demon
  • 10 Ring of Steel
  • 11 The Curse
  • 12 Burn in Hell
  • 13 Living for Today (demo)
  • Life is lying in my hands
    Faith is calling above us
    And who can tell when the world will end

    Time will choose only one man
    Only one must grow old
    We can both see it coming
    And we know, it's been told

    Passing through centuries
    My mind growing weaker
    Whose fate will be sealed
    The gift of growing old

    Only the strongest one
    Will make it to the end
    The final gathering is at hand

    The time has come, there will be one
    To stand the trial and the test of time
    Another lifetime is on the other side

    We're the last ones standing
    Only one must fall
    By the sword it settles
    And we know it's been told

    As the sreel rings through the night
    I strike the deadly wound
    We both see it's coming
    And I know I'm the chosen one

    Lyrics © OBO APRA/AMCOS

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