Stephen Lynch Tennessee Lyrics

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I've seen rocky mountains and great lakes
Stood beneath a redwood tree
But wherever I go my heart aches
For a place called Tennessee

Oh come with me
Where the Whiskey flows like wine
And the meth labs are divine
Oh I wanna be
Where the sweet tobacco grows
And is picked by poor negroes
In Tennessee

Oh it's a place where dueling banjos play
And the mountain folk run free
Where all the children can spell K-K-K
But cannot spell Tennessee

Oh come with me
Where every cheek is filled with chew
And no one's ever seen a Jew
Oh I wanna be
Where the hotdogs are deep fried
That's the reason Elvis died
In Tennessee

Oh come with me
Where the baptist preachers shout
That if you're gay you best get out
Oh I wanna be
Where hospitality is the thing
Just ask Martin Luther King
Shot in Tennessee

The birth place of Aretha queen of soul
BB King and Al Gore
Well I'm not saying it's a shit hole
But they don't live there anymore

Oh I wanna see
Mountain Dew in every cup
And all the dentists just gave up
Oh come with me
In my flat-bed pickup truck
That's were the classy ladies fuck
In Tennessee

Oh in Tennessee

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