Old Crow Medicine Show Tennessee Pusher Lyrics

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Out on the lonely highway
I'm ridin' your way
Tell your momma to bar the cabin door
Headin' out on a short run
Just lookin' for someone
Who doesn't love me anymore

Tennessee pusher x 3

Last night in the hollar
I made a thousand dollars
But I couldn't believe just what I saw
You were out in the moonlight
Until the break of daylight
Giving your love to the law

Tennessee pusher x 3

Climbin' up on the mountain
Heart beat poundin'
Reckless as a cyclone
You're the one that I'm after
But I'm a wanted man for
Bringing it all back home

Now there's gun smoke in the valley
Blood like jelly
Three crows circle a dead tree
One for the lover
One for the pusher
One for the deputy

Tennessee, Tennessee, Tennessee pusher
Tennessee pusher x 3

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