Tammin Tender Lyrics

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[Verse 1]
This place, ain't where, I thought Id be,
I'm trapped in.
I need fresh air.
When's the last time that you,
Said that you care?
Just a simple thing like that.
Did you forget and just freeze over?
Rewind; back when,
We first met, you were such an emotional man.
What happened to that?
So sure, Id be always there,
You somehow, Let the feeling drift away..

But this heart, this mind
Needs to be a little more, Tender. Tender..
Love's not remote control, I,
Need to get treated a little more, Tender. Tender..

[Verse 2]
You're caught up, consumed,
I'm kind of numb; feel nothing,
But I'm beautiful,
Can't you give back something?
Anything, at all?
I'm still here, I'm waiting,
For you to notice, and remember.


[Verse 3]
Don't complicate it baby,
'cause I ain't asking for much,
Just for you to,
Leave me breathless and move me,
Sometimes, Anytime, 'cause I can't hang around, Noo!
Ohh no!
I need a little more.. Now!

[Chorus] x2

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