Durag Dynasty Tender Greens Lyrics

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Stidler hid the rid of the riddler
Getting rid of the filth til they killed your ricochet, renegade rhyme splinter
Dan Blinter – he suffer from cold feet, it’s no sleep
I got handled like mo chicks, I hold heats
Beat graceful, Pete Sakes, my radiance
Like staring at the burner bush, max being the ravious plaques
Meaning they praising, I’m atheist
Got bargained, all shinin kamikaze corner store labelges
Talk native go song haters or song sacred
If the wogs may just got some more baggers, you know the baseler, spill the shit
Then bully your hood, the mack cuta’s plan to raise you passes back to back
Would, I’m that good
In Tristate holster outbreak, I go primate
My beaters go savage til I make his third eye ache again
The killer’s bin, spit fire back, spit flim, spit shining gems but I ain’t buying that
You wanna leak don’t you? Download it free, won’t ya?
Before you know it, pop pop, that’s when the blood sold ya

Out of body, probably my Gattis will leave you lying snotty
Don’t try to hobby with a jolly like it’s laddi daddi
You outer space, Lord, holy shit, look at Shorty
You just a poser on a skateboard tryna alli
On my Muhammad Ali, got bought Iluminati
Do the knowledge debut, the sky is down and you go sloppier
Soon as the molly up
On the other side of the planet
Where broads ain’t really trippin what kind of car we in
Pimp pimp hurray, blazin a 8th of hip a day
The wealth of this rhyming, diamonds out of Tiffany’s
Health is the science, exercise lips and weight
Might take a little discipline to get you straight
I’m good money every time man, official cake
Tools for the haters in case I gotta fix a face
Tools on the table, pick a face straight from leviathan
My parents moddy of a nigga playin

Man tryna slap MacDonald, mack rap photo mack
Zodiac crack Ronald Reagan racks, blowin stack
Give or take a decimal, dangerous decibals
Talk delectable, I’m cheffin up something exceptional
Taste the pleth of her styles, I pitch corner block projects split
Straight chipped off of pyramid bricks
It’s all hieroglyph, Titanic oracle porch
That’s boatlandish, word to my nautical sport – they can’t stand it
Fly fast in easter beastin for a feature
Snortin reefer, now I’m bout to beat ya out yo sneakers
Air blow back fusion, fire no wings
Mixed with the bow jacks, straps attached, no strings
Photographic ratchets, smash your cabbage maggot
From the looks of your head of lettuce we have a salad
Tender greens fiend, 3 ring regime team
Leave you steam cleaned, promoters better bring crème
360 Waves Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 The Next One (intro)
  • 2 DRDC Theme
  • 3 Tender Greens
  • 4 Fish Meat
  • 5 360 Waves
  • 6 Trailer Mix
  • 7 Spiral Event
  • 8 Yasir Arafat Prelude
  • 9 Yasir Arafat
  • 10 Tetrahydrons on Mars
  • 11 Goon Call
  • 12 Bigger U Are the Harder You Fall
  • 13 Shooters
  • 14 Luxury Whip
  • 15 Funyons
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