TISM Ten Points for a Razor Scooter Lyrics

De Rigueurmortis Track Listing
  • 1 Bullshit
  • 2 If You're Not Famous at 14, You're Finished
  • 3 Five Yards
  • 4 Who the Fuck Blow That Plastic Trumpet
  • 5 Ten Points for a Razor Scooter
  • 6 Who the Fuck Blow That Plastic Trumpet Part 2
  • 7 Thou Shalt Not Britney Spear
  • 8 Would the Last Person to Leave Please Turn Out the Enlightenment?
  • 9 Street Lamp
  • 10 Dear Moby
  • 11 Schoolies Week
  • 12 The Horse, Not the Horseshit
  • 13 Most of Us Are Nice!
  • 14 Did You Watch or Make TV
  • 15 Come Back DJ Your Record Is Scratched
  • 16 You're a Long Way From Home, Part 1
  • 17 Boot Party
  • 18 Preening Dumb Tool
  • 19 Intermission
  • 20 Channel Turd
  • 21 Fatboy Slim Dusty
  • 22 You're a Long Way From Home Part 2
  • 23 Sell Out
  • 24 Honk If You Love Fred Durst
  • 25 You're a Long Way From Home Part 3
  • 26 X-Treme Sports Can Kiss My Arse
  • 27 Survey
  • 28 Fourteen Years in Rowille
  • 29 TISM Album Fails
  • 30 Who the Fuck Blow That Plastic Trumpet Part 3
  • 31 BFW
  • Five points for hitting petrol-heads, Jet-skiers too
    No points for hitting P Platers, they do the work for you
    Three points for a Volvo-driver, dock one for stereotyping
    But here's the way to maximm points, you'll do it without trying
    Ten points for a razor scooter, double if it's not a kid

    Smash a Pumpkin, kill a Heidi, celebrity's worth a fiver
    Hit anyone on Reality TV, call it "Non-Survivor"
    Three points for a pagan worshipper, four if they go to heaven
    Five for a World Business Leader, plus six for S Eleven

    There's no point to this world, let's make that clear
    But you can leave your mark, on a smaller sphere
    Tell the cops "He just came out of nowhere"

    One point for road rage tailgaiters
    Two for custom license platers
    Three for the Beamer driving ponce
    Four for a limo full of debutantes
    Five for the re-made retro classic
    Six for the original while we're at it
    Seven if it's open-top red and sporty
    Bonus if the driver's over forty
    Eight for bumper-sticker teasers
    Remember to honk if you love Jesus
    We must observe equal opportunity
    Put the pedal to the metal and hit everybody.

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