American Aquarium Telling A Lie Lyrics

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When you open your mouth, you’re telling a lie. When you open you’re mouth you’re telling a lie. If the good life is what you’re seeking, i work two jobs on the weekend to get by. If the money is what you’re testing, then honey you are messing with the wrong guy.

When he opens his mouth he’ll tell you a lie. When he opens his mouth, he’ll tell you a lie. He was better at making noise and sure he had the better voice, i know you liked it. But when we are out here on the road and he’s just wasting away back home, living to die.

When i open my mouth I’ll tell you a lie. When i open my mouth I’ll tell you a lie. See i won’t be mistaken for a one hit wonder in the making wonder why. Because if my time ever comes, girl I’ll blast off like a gun so watch it. I said if my time ever comes girl i’m going to blast off like a rocket.

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