Keith Whitley Tell Lorrie I Love Her Lyrics

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If I were alone in the desert
Without a drink of water around
With my knees and hands in that white scorching sand
With the hot Sahara, sun beating down
If I could be granted my wishes
Anything I want would come true
I know that it might sound funny
But here, what I want you to do

Tell Lorie I love her
Tell Lorie I need her
Tell her everything would be ok if I could just see her
Tell Lorie I love her
Tell Lorie I need her
And if I leave this old world tell her she's¯ the only girl for me

If I were a drift on the ocean
A vessel with no sails or steam
Floating aimlessly on the endless sea
Hopelessly lost it would seem
If all of the fish in the water
Could echo my last dying plea
I know you might not understand it
But here's what I want it to be

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