Make Believe Television Cemetery Lyrics

Shock of Being Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Amscaredica
  • 2 His Short Quip When Eddie's Bothered
  • 3 Say What You Mean
  • 4 Small Apartment Party Epiphany
  • 5 Television Cemetery
  • 6 The Storm on Her Birthday
  • 7 Can't Tell Cop From Cab
  • 8 One Zero
  • 9 A Band Room of One's Own
  • 10 Wild Science, Wild Signs
  • 11 Fumio Nambata Had a Farm
  • 12 Momentum Logic
  • 13 "Boom!" Sounds Like "--Hiss--" From Inside It
  • original sin machine
    we keep quiet
    so we don't talk like the television people talk to the dead
    in the television cemeteries

    I'm running late to meet a friend
    when he was younger than when I first met him
    in a television cemetery

    mirror mirror on the war, who's the fairest keeper of score?
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