SRH Tears Of Joy Lyrics

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I just gotta, I just gotta vent
It’s alright if I vent?

This is everything on my soul
Everything on my heart to just accomplish some goals
It’s been an honor to know everybody on the road
Cuz people will put in front of you to help your knowledge grow
And I’ve been all up on my own
Tryina figure out this life, dig my way up through the snow
But it always caves in when I try to dig a hole
These kids get recognition, they give in to what I want
I’m never giving up what I started to go for broke
That makes this motherfucker smoke
Makes this motherfucker drink, makes this motherfucker loathe
Ever being a idol to these kids who just soak up
Every little word and every little poem
Well metaphors are literal and they literally don’t give a fuck who you are
They want money, cash, hoes
‘Member when I had that runny ass nose?
In them funny ass clothes, space jam sountrack
And them pretty ass flows, 7 years old
Mom used to come home with these mixed CD’s
Found rap on those, naughty by nature
Nazeer Jones, 5 years go
And I’m tryina beat yall, no swagging out
Playing basketball but I’m way too small
Little brunch, every picket hitting off the back ball
Swear I never get bored
But the figures they come and diverse as them all
And I curse just to curse and I spit til I fall
But I’m really never good enough
I swear this year I’mma get it while yall give it up

Yea, that’s right

Working round the clock just to get a bit of love
And I really need the money cuz this love isn’t enough
Nigga go up to the club, I know exactly what
I’m bound to find out these places, amazes me how they stuck
And I don’t know how to end this
But this beat is like a friendship, ends quick
Count my friends on one hand, the rest ended
Ain’t no way to mend it
It’s like they stuck on that trend shit
But we really in the trenches

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