The All-American Rejects Teacher I Love You Lyrics

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Oh teacher, Please teach me
After school, or maybe
the playground, 10:30

we can't play
get dirty

i know you aren't and yes older than me
wah-oh wah oh-ooo-oh

but if you give me a chance
i'll let you see
i'll let you see

so keep me after class
i don't wanna pass
do you want me too

oh teacher, teacher
i love you

lean over, and help me
about our, chemistry

equations, on the board
you give me answers, and i'll give you more.

please let me know, if i got a chance with you
wah-oh wah-oh oo-woh-oo

so let me know because i really do
yeah i love you

(ah na na na)
so keep me after class,
(ah na na na)
i don't wanna pass,
(ah na na na)
do you want me too,

oh teacher teacher
i love you

oh teacher i love you

(ah na na na)
oh teacher i love you 4x's
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