Too $hort feat. B-Legit & Ant Banks Talkin' Shit Lyrics

[Too $hort]
That's all I do is talk ****, no doubt
Yeah I got my ***** B-Legit in the house
Bad *** Anthony Banks, doin "Big Thangs"
$hort Dog, always representin, always talkin ****, big ****
(That's what we do)

[Ant Banks]
It's been about 15 long years, mackin, profilin
Workin up in the booth off some top shelf Long Islands
The big Bad *** in this ************, see y'all *****z know the half
Still representin the O, homey the Eastside, ***** 100th Ave.
Un****wittable, see all we bust is rhymes and nuts
Oh yeah you'd probably be ****in wit them
But ***** you'd never be ****in wit us
Me, $hort Dog and B-Legit; see first of all homey we the ****
And all that other nonsense you other *****z pop is irrelevant

I rock the **** that's hot but got the ice to cool it down
In the town when I screw around nonbelievers layin down
Still activated but low, I'm seldom seen
with light green and other things that glow, man whattup doe?
(?), take no marine time (?)
Then I mack a straight dimepiece
Have her name on everything that a ***** lease, a savage
I keeps the deeds pink slips and cabbage, silly rabbit

[Too $hort]
***** what you thought?
Diss a once a month funky cockbleedin *****, you gets NOTHIN, yeah!

[Chorus: Too $hort]
You know I kept talkin ****
********** you damn shithead *****!
**** you, you stupid ho
Tell me just what you know
You know I kept talkin ****
********** you damn shithead *****!
I talk the **** 'til I'm old
So ************ you ***** god damn *******

[Too $hort]
I talk big ****, big spit
I do it on the microphone and get rich
***** I'm so god damn **********in cool
See me and you drool like you're nothin but a fool
Ridin down the strip with B-Legit and Big Ant
Drinkin big gin, smokin big plants
My ***** big Bad *** and B-Lah do it big
Drink the whole bottle ***** and give you a swig
But don't take it personal, that's just how we kick it
Pull out a big **** quick and make you lick it
And after you finish, make sure you do my *****
Swallow all the cum *****, and then you get a swigga
Somethin that'll quench yo' **********in thirst, head first
Talk about yo' *** in a verse
What's worse, if I put yo' name in a rap
or get all in yo' face while I snap, *****?

Oh you hoes better watch what you doin
Cause *****z 'round here, we talk bad about *****es, f'real

[Chorus: Too $hort]
You know I kept talkin ****
********** you damn shithead *****!
So much game, when I'm (?) tuck
I make a ***** po' who never suck
You know I kept talkin ****
********** you damn shithead *****!
So check it out, freak nasty
You think you're fine but you look like Lassie beitch!

I bust a bad ***** daily afternoons
Stop by hair saloons, and make the sad ***** pay me
180, in the middle lane, I pop bottles
Expensive models, do they damn thang
Claim they got a little game, it ain't strange
to live tucked away, with no sidewalks, so ***** stay the **** away
And you can go play, with yo' momma or somethin
Far as drama or somethin you punk nuttin

[Ant Banks]
We got top notches, so holla when you see 'em
We keep our hoes on display at the pimp museum
We sport fly-*** suits, ain't gotta rent no tux
We mack *****es everyday, they yellin Pimps'R'Us
Now we frequently heard but seldom seen
Always makin these hoes fulfill our dreams
We keep *****es on they toes, you know they need it
And *****z be still spit this ol' **** cause we O.G.'d it

[Too $hort]
Yeah man, big ****, that's what we talkin
Puttin hoes in headlocks *****

[Chorus: Too $hort]
You know I kept talkin ****
********** you damn shithead *****!
I just laugh, over and over
When a ***** drink sperm like it's a soda
You know I kept talkin ****
********** you damn shithead *****!
A straight start demon, whoops I missed
Get back ***** we'll never kiss

You know I kept talkin ****
********** you damn shithead *****!
I'm that ***** you'll answer too
If I say ***** jump that's what you'll do
You know I kept talkin ****
********** you damn shithead *****!
I'm Too $hort baby, way too cold
**********in ****, god damn *******!

[Too $hort]
Stupid ho
Tell me just what you know
I'm talkin **** 'til I'm old
So ********** you ***** god damn *******
Beitch, **** you - *****!

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