Cameo Talkin’ Out the Side of Your Neck Lyrics

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ump, ump, ump,(laughing) so you can see we're back into this same old mess. Seems like everytime we get out of one situation we're back into it all over again.
All you people that watch you talk, you better get it together or we won't get it done.We sit down while you cuss and fuss, but guess who's suffering, nobody but us.
Now we're a deticated people and we do our job. But the harder we work the game gets hard to beat. One for all and all for one but it's harder to play when you can't have fun.
Heeeeeeeeeey, you talking out the side of your neck.HEEEEEEy your gonna get what's comin to you yet.
You carry the weight but we carry the force and thats ain't fair so stop rockin the boat. You think you get away with political crimes. But don't take this for granted. Just get out of my house.Now some of the people some of the times but not all of your people all of the time.Trick you get, bored too. General Matt Conrad,Ronnie Reagon too.

hosh posh?


cling me die ?
chorus fades out

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