Keith Whitley Talk to Me Texas Lyrics

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Talk to Me Texas
Well it's lonely out tonight down here in Georgia
And the oldest friend I've got I met today
The woman that I love just up and left me
And the place I love's a thousand miles away.
Operator hook me up to Houston
Get me anybody on the phone
Look there in your book and pick a number
Cause you can't be choosy when you're this alone

Won't you talk to me Texas?
Let me hear that drawl
I spent my last five dollars on this one long distance call
won't you talk to me Texas
I've got these homesick blues
Tell me I can come on home to you
I've got this faded number in my wallet
It's been here a dozen years I know
I used to call it up when I was lonely
Oh that woman sure could love me so
I know by now she's probably changed her number
And with my luck she's probably changed her name
If there's a chance in hell ill think ill take it
Cause Id love to hear that woman's voice again

[Chorus x2]
Hey tell me I can come on home to you!
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